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Turn your followers into a profitable business

Market your channel, course, content or room and manage payments easily.

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Sell content and experiences like the pros

With premiumpay you will have all you need to manage payments and build a estable business.

Engage more your followers with a smooth payment experience

Premiumpay is compatible with most of the main payment methods. It is easy, fast and safe.

Manage payments professionally

Take your business to the next level.

Some of our success stories



En más de 10 años trabajando como pronosticador profesional nunca me había encontrado con una solución tan eficiente como premiumpay.



Con premiumpay he conseguido llegar a audiencias de muchos más países



Gracias a las suscripciones con renovación automática de premiumpay he conseguido aumentar mi facturación



La variedad de formas de pago a la que puedes acceder con premiumpay facilita mucho la venta de contenido y el cobro de suscripciones.

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Frequently asked questions

Still in doubt? simple, you can contact us.

¿How much does premiumpay cost?

It is totally free to subscribe and to start using premiumpay

How many methods of payment can I use with premiumpay?

We have agreements with most of the biggest payment methods in the market

In case of doubts,is there a customer care service?

Of course there is! And we'd be happy to assist.

¿Is it available for every country in the world?

Yes, it is available from everywhere.

¿In which languages is premiumpay available?

It is available in Spanish and English.

What's the comission premiumpay charges per payment?

Premiumpay has a 15% comission per payment.

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